Saturday, November 5, 2011

Junction Residency November 2011

Day 5

Happy with how Part Two and Three are coming along, we were eager to get Part One up to scratch. We want it to work in its own right but also to serve the other parts as much as possible, so we spent the morning adjusting the dramaturgy of Captain Ko’s scenes with Stark. There may be a few set pieces that might have to go, which is a pity as we have grown to love them so much and it is always hard editing your own work. Part One is the most fun but the most challenging. We love the genre so much and think there is so much potential in it to speak about the themes we are dealing with, and yet most of the time we spend finding clownish moments, asides and jokes that say more about the genre of science fiction than tell the story. We must keep things simple.

Had a great email from our set designer Adrian from across the pond, in which all aesthetic ideas are falling into place. Very exciting times!

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