Thursday, August 16, 2012

Show discussion with CCACE

Yesterday, we co-hosted an event at the Hunt and Darton Cafe in Edinburgh to talk about Captain Ko and the Planet of Rice. Organised in collaboration with the The Centre for Cognitive Ageing and Cognitive Epidemiology, it was an open event and many members of the scientific community as well as artists and art industry people attended. The discussion was hosted by Professor Sergio della Sala, and Jess Smith from Alzheimer's Society and Jenny Paton from the Wellcome Trust were our guests speakers. There were interesting reflections on the show, the treatment of time within the show, the research involved and imagery we use in the show, as well as heated discussion about art and science and funding artists to research science to create art that will engage the public in science on some level. We'd like to thank Robin Morton for organising the event, Jenny and Jess for contributing, Prof Della Sala for hosting it so expertly and everyone who attended and contributed to the debate. A special thanks goes to the Hunt and Darton Cafe for allowing us to run it in their venue, which we urge you to check out whilst at the Festival.

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